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Explication / Explanation


« [E]au-delà »

From the beach, the stare fixed on the horizon, a line splits the sky and the sea far away.
This continuous line between water and beyond takes us towards a magic space.
Whether we take a head out of the water or vice-versa, every human being discerns the world as he/she pleases.
The reflection of oneself is the common point like a mirror.
On the other hand, an imaginary space like a dream which can exist at the same time or not.
Thought and resentment differentiate us from the latter.
According to our way of seeing things, this place can be far and near at the same time.
We find ourselves in reality but the unreal is on the other side.
In spite of the impossibility to tell the real from the unreal, we exist somewhere.
July 2015

« Iridescent »

When I was little, I saw flat Onggi pottery whenever I went to my hometown.

That Onggi was always filled with water; sometimes it was overflowing and other times there was almost no water.

Light is calmly formed on the surface of water.

When I touched the water surface with my little hand, it felt like touching light and water.

But both water and light are flowing out of my hand.


Water always flows from top to bottom and makes a pool somewhere.

Then, it disappears over time.

Light begins somewhere and forms somewhere as well.

Just like that, life begins somewhere and ends somewhere else.

The inner space of Onggi is the space where water and light are emptied and filled continuously; this is quite similar to our lives.


I thought such spaces were interesting. This piece captures that memory from my childhood. The space with mother-of-pearl in this work is light that was formed in the flat Onggi while the other part with no mother-of-pearl represents the shadow made by the roof of the house on the Onggi.

The space of empty space filled with Onggi is filled with water and light.

I wanted to create the piece for the space of Onggi that is filled and emptied constantly as the pottery filled with water and light.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         July 2019

« [E]au-delà _ pave »

The empty space is filled by my object.
We could say that this space is a passage towards the afterlife.

My work began in Strasbourg in France.
It is a project which works better in situ than as an installation.

I examined empty spaces amongst bricks in the street.
For me, empty space represents a dark underground passage,
hell and a place where ancestors and animals are buried.

My object allows us to see the inside.
The blue color through the light stages the depths of the sea,
produces the dreamlike atmosphere of stained-glass windows, a link bringing the celestial beam to the cathedral, and means the border of the afterlife as the horizon of the sea.

In other words, the blue line is at the same time a passage between two spaces and a border which divides them.
With the passage of feet on my object its smooth surface becomes as rough as stone with the passage of time.

Finally, the object becomes indistinguishable from the surrounding bricks.
In the same way that the harmony between the space and the object complements itself by means of in situ,
my work is also carried out with a combination of the spectator, the space and the object.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               December 2010

« Reed »

                                     The object catches the eye of viewers through its light spectrum.
                                Therefore the movement and distance are essential so that we can access them.

                                                                           A reed trembling at the sight
                                                                            A vibrating reed in thought
                                                                             A reed shaking in silence

                                                                                   sways constantly ...

In life, we are constantly interacting with objects.
Even if we are in contact with a single object, many things happen between us and
the object: communication, thought, time, space, etc ...
The subject invites us by his own stimuli, and makes us think.
However, the object and humans are limited in time and space.
Time seems infinitesimal and the existence of objects is weak.
Yet these things are the universe.
The search of thought is endless between the object and the human.
Those are the missing link.
However, the human being, the object and distance are the common thread of my work.

The glass and the person are very similar through its fragility and strength.

The reflection and the transparency
The presence and the absence
The unseen and the visible

My work excites the spectator when he sees the lines disappearing with movement.
Indeed, the object consists of glass plates glued to one another using a blue-colored glue.
In order to make not visible the lines, I invite the viewer to move continuously around the room.

The movement of the viewer around my work like a reed ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                               November 2014

« the flow of time »

The subject of my work is " the flow of time " like the flow of a river.
It makes me think again about time, that which is mine - the story of my presence in the world and its value.

Glass is a symbol of an absolute authority in the way that time is absolute and irreversible for me.
It is clear and cold like water, quiet and heavy as ice, sharpened and steadfast as time,
but also as selfish and transparent as human beings.

Thanks to the properties of glass I thus record the flow of time which exists outside of me and within.
I express the framework of absolute time with the technique of lamination, a piece of glass - a piece of time :
a sophisticated story of a curve which permits the illustration of my subjective time.

Furthermore, by engraving, I mark the passage of given moments: that stretches the time which runs outside of me and within, beyond time.

I would like to leave a trace of my presence beyond the story.

                                                                                                                                                                            December 2009


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